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About Germany101

Germany101's vision is to aggregate and activate Germany's disbursed global diaspora.

The US Census counted over 49m Americans who self-identify with being German American. 

It is important to note that living your connection can be as simple or as complex as the individual wants. It is our job to put as many options to you as possible. 

So where did we start? Many moons ago we decided to work our magic to find large amounts of surname traffic so we could begin to put together a picture of where each ‘tribe’ (family name) resided around the world. We now have that and, through endless research, we have begun connecting those tribes and not just the countries but the specific regions of origin.

Currently we are now tracking 152,000 "tribes" (family names) across North American, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and connecting them specifically back to Germany. We want every member of the German diaspora to not just have a connection to Germany but to where ever their tribe originally game from be it Galway or Kerry and not just to the county but to the specific village, town or valley. Why is this important? Because at some level we know that the only reason we didn’t end up in the same town or valley of our ancestors is because some economic or socio-economic event changed the course of our ancestral line. To reconnect with the physical place is almost to fill in the blanks of your own story… where did we come from?

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