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About Germany101

Germany101's vision is to 'Connect people with German ancestry and cultural connections around the world'.




We want to:




  • Distil amazing German culture and heritage and share it in a truly innovative and fun way across Irish Diaspora
  • Make your ancestral connection to Germany more and more relevant to your daily lives, no matter where you live
  • Enable relationships to grow between you and German regions of your ancestral origin
  • Create online environments that foster group learning and sharing about German culture and heritage



#7 Celinda Kerbs

My name is an Anglicized spelling of German names. Celinda, English version of Zelinda and means "shield of victory". It refers to the Battle of the Milvian Bridge when Constantine received the vision from God that if he fought under the Chi-Rho cross he would be victorious over Maximilian. In other words, the name means, "Christ is my shield and I am victorious through Him alone." Elizabeth, English version of Elisabeth and means "pledged to God". Kerbs is an altered spelling of the German word for "skilled or full of craft." It was used in medieval times by knights to signify their illustrious talents.

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