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Abbey (Firm)

Abby (Firm)

Abe (Firm)

Abel (Firm)

Abelerd (Firm)

Adalard (Brave)

Adalbert (Intelligent or noble)

Adalberto (Famous for nobility)

Adalgar (Noble spearman)

Adalgiso (Noble hostage)

Adalhard (Brave)

Adalhelm (Noble protector)

Adalric (Noble friend)

Adalrik (Noble friend)

Adalwen (Noble friend)

Adalwin (Noble friend)

Adalwine (Noble friend)

Adalwolf (Noble wolf)

Adaulfo (Noble wolf, Noble hero)

Adel (Noble)

Adelbert (Famous for nobility)

Adelberto (Famous for nobility)

Adelchi (Noble hostage)

Adelhard (Resolute)

Adelhelm (Noble protector)

Adelino (Noble)

Adelmo (Noble protector)

Ademaro (Glorious in battle)

Adi (Famous for nobility)

Adimaro (Glorious in battle)

Adlar (Eagle)

Adne (Eagle)

Adolf (Noble wolf)

Adolfo (Noble wolf)

Adolfus (Noble wolf, Noble hero)

Adolph (Noble wolf, Noble hero)

Adolphe (Noble wolf, Noble hero)

Adolpho (Noble wolf, Noble hero)

Adolphus (Noble wolf, Noble hero)

Ahren (Eagle)

Ailbe (Intelligent or noble)

Aksel (Father of peace)

Alaric (Noble ruler)

Alarick (Noble leader)

Alarik (Noble leader)

Albert (Noble and bright)  

Alberto (Noble, Bright)

Albertus (Noble, Bright)

Albie (Noble, Bright)

Albrecht (Noble, Bright)

Alby (Noble, Bright)

Ald (Old or wise)

Alder (Name of a tree)

Aldo (Wise, Elder)

Aldous (Old wealthy)

Aldrik (Noble friend)

Aldus (Old, Wealthy)

Alfons (Noble estate, Eager)

Alfonse (Noble estate, Eager)

Alfonso (Eager)

Alger (Noble warrior)

Alhmanic (Divine)

Alhsom (Sacred fame)

Alhwin (Noble friend)

Alois (Famous warrior)

Alonso (Noble estate, Eager)

Alonza (Noble estate, Eager)

Alonzo (Noble estate, Eager)

Aloysius (A warrior)

Alphonse (Noble estate, eager)

Alphonso (Noble estate, Eager)

Alrik (Noble leader)

Altman (Wise man)

Altmann (Wise man)

Alvin (Light skinned)  

Alvy (Intelligent or noble)

Alwin (Noble friend)

Amald (Power of an eagle)

Amall (Power of an eagle)

Amaud (Power of an eagle)

Amd (Power of an eagle)

Amdt (Power of an eagle)

Ame (Eagle)

Amell (Power of an eagle)

Amery (Divine)

Amet (Power of an eagle)

Amett (Power of an eagle)

Amey (Eagle)

Amhold (Power of an eagle)

Ami (Eagle)

Amo (Power of an eagle)

Amold (Power of an eagle)

Amoll (Power of an eagle)

Amot (Power of an eagle)

Amott (Power of an eagle)

Amwolf (Eagle wolf)

Andreas (German form of Andrew)

Ann (Name of a king)

Ansell (God's protection)

Anson (Son of Ann)

Anton (German form of Anthony)

Apsel (Father of peace)

Arch (Bold, bowman)

Archard (Strong)

Archibald (Bold)

Archimbald (Bold)

Ardal (Intelligent or noble)

Are (Eagle)

Aren (Eagle)

Arend (Power of an eagle)

Aric (Noble leader)

Arick (Noble leader)

Arik (Noble leader)

Arlo (Hill)

Armand (Protective)

Arnald (Eagle, Powerful)

Arnaldo (Eagle, Powerful)

Arnaud (Eagle, Powerful)

Arnault (Eagle, Powerful)

Arne (Eagle, Powerful)

Arnel (Eagle, Powerful)

Arnell (Eagle, Powerful)

Arness (Eagle, Powerful)

Arnie (Eagle, Powerful)

Arno (Eagle, Powerful)

Arnold (Eagle, Powerful)

Arnot (Eagle, Powerful)

Aronne (Exalted)

Arvin (Friend to all)

Aubert (Noble, Bright)

Audric (Noble friend)

Audrick (Noble friend)

Audwin (Noble friend)

Audwine (Noble friend)

August (Revered, exalted)

Aurick (Noble leader)

Aurik (Noble leader)

Axel (Father of peace)

Axl (Source of life)


Baldemar (Princely)

Baldovino (Brave friend)

Baldric (Brave)

Baldrik (Bold)

Balduin (Brave friend)

Baldwin (Bold friend)

Baldwyn (Brave friend)

Ballard (Brave)

Baltasar (Protected by God)

Balwin (Brave friend)

Bamard (Brave as a bear)

Bamey (Brave as a bear)

Bannan (Commander)

Bannruod (Famous commander)

Barend (Bear)

Barnard (From the name bernard)

Barney (Brave as a bear)

Barnie (Brave as a bear)

Barny (From the name bernard)

Baron (Noble man)

Barret (Mighty as a bear)

Bartram (Glorious raven)

Bem (Bear)

Bemelle (Strong as a bear)

Bemot (Brave as a bear)

Benat (Brave as a bear)

Ber (Bear)

Berchtwald (Bright ruler)

Berdy (Intelligent)

Berend (Brave as a bear)

Berg (Mountain)

Bergen (Mountain dweller)

Bergin (Mountain dweller)

Berinhard (Brave as a bear)

Berlyn (Son of Berl)

Bernard (Bold as a bear)  

Bernardo (Brave as a bear)

Bernardyn (Brave as a bear)

Bernd (Brave as a bear)

Berndt (Brave as a bear)

Berne (Brave as a bear)

Bernhard (Brave as a bear)

Bernhardt (Brave as a bear)

Bernie (Brave as a bear)

Bernon (Brave as a bear)

Berowalt (Mighty as a bear)

Berrin (Bear)

Bert (Bright)  

Bertel (Noble, Bright)

Berthold (Bright ruler)

Bertie (Noble, Bright)  

Bertl (Famous for nobility)

Bertram (Glorious raven)

Berty (Noble, Bright)

Billy (From the name william)  

Bin (Kettle-shaped hollow)

Bing (Kettle-shaped hollow)

Bingham (Kettle-shaped hollow)

Binghamton (Kettle-shaped hollow)

Birk (Birch tree)

Birke (Birch tree)

Bittan (Desire)

Bitten (Desire)

Blaz (Unwavering protector)

Blaze (Resolute protector)

Boell (Hill dweller)

Bogart (Bowstring)

Bogohardt (Bowstring)

Bourke (Birch tree)

Boyce (From the woods)

Brand (Fiery torch, Beacon)

Bren (Flame)

Brendan (Flame)

Brendis (Flame)

Brewster (One who brews beer)

Brock (Badger)

Broderick (Famous ruler)

Bronson (Brown's son)

Bruno (Brown one)

Brunon (Brown)

Burgess (Town citizen)

Burhardt (Strong as a castle)

Burk (Birch tree)

Burke (Birch tree)

Burkhart (Strong as a castle)

Burlin (Son of Berl)

Burnard (Variant of Bernard st)

Burnell (Strong as a bear)


Carl (Strong, Manly)  

Carlin (A man)

Caspar (Royal)

Charles (Strong, Manly)  

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Chlodwig (Famous warrior)

Christofer (With Christ inside)

Christoffer (With Christ inside)

Claudius (The lame one)

Clovis (Famous warrior)

Coen (Brave, alt sp koen)

Con (Brave counsel, Wise)

Connie (Brave counsel, Wise)

Conrad (Brave counsel)

Conradin (Honest advisor)

Conrado (Honest advisor)

Conroy (Brave counsel, Wise)

Cord (Honest advisor)

Corrado (Bold)

Cort (Bold)

Curt (Brave counsel, Wise)

Curtis (Brave counsel, Wise)

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Dagobert (Shining sun)

Dale (Valley)

Dearg (Red haired)

Decker (Man of prayer)

Dedrick (People's ruler)

Dedrik (People's ruler)

Deiter (Army of the people)

Der (Ruler)

Derek (Ruler)

Derex (Ruler)

Derrick (People's ruler)  

Derrik (Ruler)

Derry (Red haired)

Derych (Ruler)

Deutsch (A German)

Dewitt (Blond)

Dick (Powerful ruler)

Dickie (Powerful ruler)

Dicky (Powerful ruler)

Diederich (People's ruler)

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Diederick (Gifted ruler)

Diedrick (Gifted ruler)

Dierck (People's ruler)

Dieter (The people's ruler)

Dietrich (People's ruler)

Dietz (People's ruler)

Dirk (Ruler)

Dolph (From the name randolph)

Dolphus (Noble wolf, Noble hero)

Drud (Strong)

Drugi (Strong)

Durin (Mythical dwarf)

Dutch (The German)


Earnest (Truth)

Eberardo (Strong wild boar)

Eberhard (Strong wild boar)

Eberhardt (Strong as a boar)

Eberhart (Strong wild boar)

Eburhardt (Strong as a boar)

Eckerd (Sacred)

Edel (Brave)

Edingu (Famous ruler)

Edmund (Prosperous Protector)  

Edsel (Noble)

Eduard (German form of Edward)

Edward (Strong as a boar)  

Egbert (Sword, famous, shiny)

Eginhard (Strong with a sword)

Eginhardt (Strong with a sword)

Egmont (Weapon, defender)

Egon (Strong with a sword)

Ehren (Honorable)

Einhard (Strong with a sword)

Einhardt (Strong with a sword)

Ekerd (Sacred)

Ekhard (Sacred)

Elbert (Bright, Famous)

Eldwin (Old friend)

Elgar (Noble warrior)

Ellard (Nobly brave)

Eloy (Famous warrior)

Ely (Famous fighter)

Emerson (Brave, Powerful)

Emery (Ruler of work)

Emest (Serious)

Emmet (Strong worker)

Emmett (Strong worker)

Emo (Serious)

Emory (Leader)

Emst (Serious)

Enando (Bold venture)

Engel (Angel)

Englbehrt (Bright angel)

Englebert (Bright angel)

Enno (Strong with a sword)

Eno (Strong with a sword)

Erchanbold (Sacred or bold)

Erchanhardt (Sacred)

Erhard (Honor)

Erhardt (Honor)

Erich (Ever-powerful)

Erkerd (Sacred)

Ernest (Earnest, vigorous)

Ernesto (Earnest, Vigorous)

Erni (Earnest, Vigorous)

Ernie (Earnest, Vigorous)  

Erno (Form of ernest)

Ernst (Earnest, Vigorous)

Erny (Earnest, Vigorous)

Errol (Earl, Nobleman)

Erroll (Earl; nobleman)

Eugen (Noble)  

Everard (Hardy: brave)

Everet (Strong wild boar)

Everett (Strong wild boar)

Evert (Hardy, Brave)

Evrard (Strong as a boar)

Eward (Strong as a boar)

Ewart (Hardy, brave)


Falke (Falconry)

Ferd (Courageous traveler)

Ferde (Courageous traveler)

Ferdie (Courageous traveler)

Ferdinand (Courageous traveler)  

Ferdy (Courageous traveler)

Fernandas (Courageous traveler)

Fernando (Courageous traveler)

Fonsie (Noble estate, Eager)

Fonzell (Noble estate, Eager)

Fonzo (Noble estate, Eager)

Frantz (Free; a free man)

Franz (From France, Free)

Fred (Peaceful ruler)  

Freddie (Peaceful ruler)

Frederic (Peaceful ruler)

Frederick (Peaceful ruler)  

Fremont (Guardian of freedom)

Friedrich (Peaceful ruler)

Frimunt (Noble protector)

Fritzi (Peaceful ruler)

Fritzie (Peaceful ruler)


Garan (Guards: guardian)

Garen (Guards: guardian)

Garey (Spear)

Garin (Warrior)

Garion (Guards: guardian)

Garon (Guards, Guardian)

Garren (Guards: guardian)

Garrey (Spear)

Garrick (Rules by the spear)

Garrin (Guards, Guardian)

Garrison (Spear-fortified town)

Garron (Guards, Guardian)

Garry (Spear)

Garson (Spear-fortified town)

Garvyn (Spear friend: ally)

Gary (Spear)

Geert (Brave strength)

Geoff (Peace)

Geomar (Famous in battle)

Georg (German form of George)  

Gerald (Spear warrior)  

Gerard (Spear-brave)

Gere (Rules by the spear)

Gerhard (Spear strong)

Geron (Guards, Guardian)

Gerrard (Spear strong)

Gerrell (Rules by the spear)

Gerry (From the name gerald)  

Ghislain (Oath)

Gilbert (Pledge)  

Gilleasbuig (Brave)

Giomar (Famous in battle)

Goddard (Hard spear)

Godfrey (Peaceful god)

Gofried (Peaceful god)

Gottfried (Peaceful god)

Gregor (On the watch)  

Griswald (From the gray forest)

Griswold (From the gray forest)

Gunther (Warrior)

Gus (Revered, exalted)

Gustav (Royal staff)

Gustave (Royal staff)


Hacket (Little hacker)

Hackett (Little woodsman)

Hadumar (Glorious in battle)

Hagen (Not available)

Hahn (Rooster)

Hamlet (From the little home)

Hamlett (From the little home)

Hamlin (Loves the little home)

Hamoelet (From the little home)

Han (Gift from God)

Hank (Ruler of an estate)

Hann (Gift from God)

Hanno (Gift from God)

Hans (God is gracious)

Hansi (God is gracious)

Hanz (Gift from God)

Hardtman (Strong)

Hardy (Daring)

Hariman (Protective)

Harimann (Protective)

Harman (Man of the army)

Harmon (Soldier)

Harti (Daring)

Hartman (Strong)

Hartmann (Strong)

Harvey (Soldier)

Hastings (Swift one)

Heinrich (Rules her household)

Heinz (Household ruler)

Heller (The sun)

Helmut (Brave)

Helmutt (Brave)

Henri (Rules the home)

Henrik (Rules the home)

Henry (Ruler of the home)  

Herb (From the name herbert)

Herbert (Famous warrior)  

Herbst (Soldier)

Herman (Man of the army)

Hernando (Adventuresome)

Herrick (Army commander)

Hertz (My strife)

Hewett (Little Hugh)

Hewitt (Little Hugh)

Hewlett (Little Hugh)

Hewlitt (Little Hugh)

Hildbrand (War sword)

Hildehrand (War sword)

Hobard (High or bright)

Hobart (High, Bright)

Hobbard (High or bright)

Hohberht (High or bright)

Howe (High)

Hubbard (Graceful)

Hubert (Shining of mind)

Huey (From the name hugh)

Hugh (Bright in mind and sp)

Hugo (Variant of Hugh a thi)

Hulbard (Graceful)

Hulbart (Graceful)

Hulbert (Graceful)

Huldiberaht (Graceful)

Humberto (Big; bright)

Humphrey (Peaceful Hun)

Hunfrid (Peaceful Hun)

Hunfried (Peaceful Hun)