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Imre (Great king)

Ingall (Angel)

Ingalls (Angel)

Ingel (Angel)

Ingelbert (Bright angel)

Ivo (The little archer)

Izaak (Laughter)


Jaecar (Hunter)

Jaeger (Hunter)

Jakob (Supplanter)

Jakoh (Supplanter)

Janez (God's gracious gift)

Jansen (God is merciful)

Jantis (Sharp spear)

Jarman (A German)

Jarmann (A German)

Jarvis (A conqueror)

Jay (Swift)

Jaye (Swift)

Jesaja (God will help)

Johann (God's gracious gift)  

Jorn (Vigilant watchman)

Josef (God wiIl multiply)

Joshka (Unknown)

Jurgen (Farmer)


Kai (Fort)

Kaiser (Emperor)

Karl (A free man)  

Karlee (Strong)

Karlyn (Strong)

Kasch (Like a blackbird)

Kasimir (The great destroyer)

Kasper (A treasured secret)

Kass (Blackbird)

Kay (Rejoicer; fort)

Keegan (Intelligent)

Kelby (Dark haired)

Kellen (Swamp)

Kiefer (Barrel-maker)

Klaus (Leader in victory)

Klemens (Merciful, mild)

Koby (Dark haired)

Koen (Honest advisor)

Koenraad (Honest advisor)

Kolby (Dark; dark-haired)

Kolt (Coal town)

Kolten (Coal town)

Koltin (Coal town)

Kolton (Coal town)

Kon (Brave counsel, Wise)

Konni (Honest advisor)

Konstantin (Steadfast)

Kord (Honest advisor)

Kort (Brave counsel, Wise)

Krischen (Follower of Christ)

Kuhlbert (Calm or bright)

Kulbart (Calm, Bright)

Kulbert (Calm or bright)

Kuno (Honest advisor)

Kunz (Honest advisor)

Kurt (A bold counsellor)

Kurtis (Courtier)

Kyland (Bull)


Lajos (Famous warrior)

Lamar (Famous land)

Lamarr (Famous land)

Lambart (Light of land)

Lambert (Light of land)

Lambrecht (Light of land)

Lambret (Light of land)

Lambrett (Light of land)

Lancelot (Land)

Landmari (Famous land)

Lear (Of the meadow)

Leó (Lion-hearted)

Len (Lion-hearted)

Lenard (Lion-hearted)

Lennard (Lion-bold)

Lennart (Lion-hearted)

Lennie (Lion-hearted)

Lenny (Lion-hearted)

Leo (Lion-hearted)  

Léonard (Lion-hearted)  

Leonard, Leo, Leon (Bold Lion)

Leonardo (Lion-hearted)

Leonárd (Lion-hearted)

Leonhard (Lion-hearted)

Leopold (Bold leader)

Leopoldo (Prince of the people)

Leupold (Bold leader)

Lew (Famous warrior)

Lewes (Famous warrior)

Lewie (Famous warrior)

Lewis (Famous warrior)

Lewy (Famous fighter)

Llewellyn (Famous warrior)

Lodovico (Famous warrior)

Loring (Famous in War)

Loritz (Laurel)

Lotario (Warrior)

Lothair (Famous in battle)

Lothaire (Warrior)

Lothar (Renowned warrior)

Lotharing (Famous in battle)

Lou (Famous warrior)

Louie (Famous warrior)

Louis (Famed warrior)

Louis, Lewis (Warrior)

Lu (Famous warrior)

Luduvico (Famous fighter)

Ludvig (Famous warrior)

Ludwig (Famous warrior)

Ludwik (Famous fighter)

Lughaidh (Famous fighter)

Luigi (Famous warrior)

Luiginw (Famous fighter)

Luis (Famous fighter)

Luitpold (Bold leader)

Luki (Famous fighter)

Lutera (Warrior)

Luther (Warrior)

Luthias (Famous warrior)

Lutz (Famous fighter)


Macon (Maker)

Madelhari (War counselor)

Maldwyn (Brave friend)

Mallory (War counselor)

Manfred (Man of peace)

Manfried (Peaceful)

Manfrit (Peaceful)

Manny (Man of peace)

Margit (Pearl)

Martel (Warrior of Mars)

Martell (Warrior of Mars)

Maximilian (The greatest)

Maximillian (The greatest)

Mayer (Farmer)

Maynard (Firm)

Mayne (Powerful)

Maynor (Powerful)

Mayor (Farmer)

Mayr (Farmer)

Meier (Farmer)

Meinhard (Firm)

Meinke (Firm)

Meino (Firm)

Meinrad (Strong advisor)

Meinyard (Firm)

Meir (Farmer)

Meril (Famous, Of the sea)

Merle (Famous, Of the sea)

Merral (Famous, Of the sea)

Merrel (Famous, Of the sea)

Merrick (Famous, Of the sea)

Merrill (Famous; of the sea)

Merton (Famous, Of the sea)

Meryl (Famous, Of the sea)

Meyer (Farmer)

Mila (Merciful)

Milan (Merciful)

Miles (Merciful)  

Milo (Merciful)

Milos (Merciful)

Myer (Farmer)

Myerson (Farmer)

Myles (Merciful)

Myril (Famous, Of the sea)

Myrl (Famous, Of the sea)


Nef (Nephew)

Nefen (Nephew)

Neff (Nephew)

Neffe (Nephew)

Nevins (Nephew)

Norbert (Blond hero)

Norman (From the north)


Odbart (Wealthy)

Ode (Little wealthy one)

Odell (Little wealthy one)

Odhert (Wealthy)

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Odie (Little wealthy one)

Odis (Little wealthy one)

Odo (Wealthy)

Olis (Powerful, strong)

Omar (Famous)

Omer (Famous)

Ooschie (A running water fall)

Orbert (Wealthy)

Ormand (Serpent)

Oskar (A divine spearman)

Oswald (Power of God)

Otello (Wealthy)

Othello (Wealthy)

Othman (Wealthy)

Othmann (Wealthy)

Otho (Wealthy)

Othomann (Wealthy)

Otilio (Wealthy)

Otis (Acute; wealthy)

Otto (Born eighth or wealthy)

Ottokar (Happy fighter)

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Paulos (Form of paul)

Peer (A rock Form of Peter)

Penn (Esteemed commander)

Penrod (Esteemed commander)

Pepin (Petitioner)

Peppi (Petitioner)

Per (A rock Form of Peter)


Quintin (Unknown)


Rad (Brave counsel, Wise)

Raimond (Guards wisely)

Raimundo (Guards wisely)

Rainart (Strong judgment)

Rainer (A wise warrior)

Rainhard (Strong judgment)

Rainor (Strong counselor)

Rald (Famous leader)

Rambert (Mighty, Intelligent)

Ramhart (Mighty or intelligent)

Ramon (Worthy protector)

Ramond (Guards wisely)

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Raoul (Wolf)

Raymond (Worthy protector)

Raymund (Guards wisely)

Raymundo (Guards wisely)

Raynard (Brave one; mighty army)

Rayner (A wise warrior)

Raynor (Brave one)

Reamonn (Worthy protector)

Redmond (Adviser)

Reginald (Advisor to the king)

Reginheraht (Mighty or intelligent)

Reiner (Counsel)

Reinhart (Brave one)

Renard (Strong counselor)

Renaud (Brave one)

Renke (Strong judgment)

Rey (Brave one)

Reymond (Guards wisely)

Reymundo (Guards wisely)

Reynald (Counselor-ruler)

Reynart (Brave one)

Reynaud (Brave one)

Reyner (Brave one)

Reynold (Counselor-ruler)

Ricard (Powerful ruler)

Ricardo (Powerful ruler)

Rich (Powerful ruler)

Richardson (Powerful ruler)

Richart (Powerful ruler)

Richerd (Powerful ruler)

Richman (Powerful ruler)

Richmond (Powerful ruler)

Rick (Powerful ruler)  

Rickard (Powerful ruler)

Ricker (Powerful ruler)

Rickert (Powerful ruler)

Rickie (Powerful ruler)

Rickward (Powerful ruler)

Ricky (Powerful ruler)  

Rico (Powerful ruler)

Rikard (Powerful ruler)

Rikkert (Powerful ruler)

Rinehart (Brave one)

Ring (A ring)

Ringling (A ring)

Ringo (A ring)

Riocard (Powerful ruler)

Risteard (Powerful ruler)

Ritchie (Powerful ruler)

Ritt (Knight)

Ritter (Knight)

Roald (Famous leader)

Rocco (Powerful ruler)

Roch (Glory)

Roderic (Famous ruler)

Roderich (Famous ruler)

Roderick (Famous one)

Roderik (Famous ruler)

Rodger (Famous spearman)

Rodgers (Famous spearman)

Rodhlann (Famous soldier)

Rodiger (Famous spearman)

Rodman (Famous ruler)

Rodmond (Famous ruler)

Rodney (Famous ruler)

Rodolf (Wolf)

Rodolfo (Wolf)

Rodolphe (Wolf)

Rodrick (Famous ruler)

Rodrigo (Famous ruler)

Rodrigue (Famous ruler)

Rodrik (Famous ruler)

Rog (Famous spearman)

Roger (Famous spearman, quiet)

Rogerio (Famous spearman)

Rogers (Famous spearman)

Roland (From the famous land)  

Rolf (Wolf counsel)

Rolfe (Variant of rudolph)

Rollin (Famous soldier)

Rollins (Famous soldier)

Rolly (Famous soldier)

Rolph (Wolf)

Rolt (Famous soldier)

Ross (Red)

Rossiter (Red Surname)

Rosston (Red)

Rosswald (Horse mighty)

Roswald (Mighty Horseman)

Roswalt (Horse mighty)

Roswell (Mighty Horseman)

Roth (Red-haired)

Rowe (Famous soldier)

Royce (Famous)

Rudi (Wolf)

Rudie (Wolf)

Rüdiger (Famous spearman)

Rudolf (Wolf)

Rudolph (Wolf)

Rudy (Wolf)

Ruggiero (Famous spearman)

Ruodrik (Famous ruler)

Rupert (Bright fame)

Ruprecht (Bright, Famous)

Rutger (German form of Roger)

Ryszard (Powerful ruler)


Saelac (Blessed)

Salomo (Wise and peaceful)

Schaeffer (Steward)

Schaffer (Steward)

Selig (Blessed)

Selik (Blessed)

Siegfried (Victorious)

Sigfrid (Victorious)

Sigifrid (Victorious)

Sigifrith (Victorious)

Sigiwald (Victorious ruler)

Sigwald (Victorious ruler)

Sigwalt (Victorious ruler)

Spangler (Tinsmith)

Spengler (Tinsmith)

Sprague (Alert, lively)

Stan (From the name stanley)

Stanley (Rocky meadow)

Steen (Stone)

Stein (Stone)

Steinbeck (Stone)

Steinberg (Stone)

Steiner (Stone)

Steinmetz (Stone)

Steinway (Stone)

Steyn (Stone)

Stine (Stone)

Strom (Stream; tree)

Styne (Stone)

Swain (Youth)


Tab (Briliant, drummer)

Tabbart (Brilliant)

Tabby (Brilliant)

Taber (Brilliant)

Tabor (Brilliant)

Taburer (Brilliant)

Tahbert (Brilliant)

Teoboldo (The boldest)

Terell (Powerful)

Terrall (Powerful)

Terrel (Powerful)

Terrelle (Powerful)

Thebault (The boldest)

Theo (The boldest)

Theobold (The boldest)

Thibaud (The boldest)

Thibaut (The boldest)

Tibalt (The boldest)

Tihalt (Prince of the people)

Treffen (Meets)

Trennen (Divides)

Trent (Thirty)

Tretan (Walks)

Truman (Faithful man)

Tybalt (The boldest)


Ubel (Evil)

Udo (Prosperity, fortune)

Udolf (Wolf ruler)

Ulbrecht (Form of Albert)

Ulger (Wolf ruler)

Uli (Noble leader)

Ulmer (Wolf)

Ulric (Wolf ruler)

Ulrich (Noble leader)

Ulrick (Wolf ruler)

Ulu (Wolf ruler)

Ulz (Noble leader)


Valdemar (Famous ruler)

Valdemarr (Famous ruler)

Varick (Protecting Ruler)

Vemados (Courage of a bear)

Verner (Defending Army)

Vid (Sylvan man)

Vida (Sylvan man)

Vidos (Sylvan man)

Vilhelm (Form of William)

Vilmos (Steady)

VolIny (People's spirit)

Volker (People's guard)

Volney (People's spirit)


Waggoner (Wagon Maker)

Wagner (Wagon maker)

Waldemar (Famous ruler)

Waldemarr (Famous ruler)

Walden (Mighty)

Waldhramm (Ruling raven)

Waldifrid (Peaceful ruler)

Waldmunt (Mighty protector)

Waldo (Divinely powerful)

Waldron (Divinely powerful)

Walfred (Peaceful ruler)

Walfrid (Peaceful ruler)

Wallace (A Welshman)

Wallache (A Welshman)

Waller (Army ruler)

Wally (Powerful ruler)

Walmond (Mighty protector)

Walt (Powerful ruler)

Walten (Ruler)

Walter (Powerful ruler)  

Walthari (Powerful ruler)

Walton (Powerful ruler)

Wareine (Guardian)

Waren (Loyal)

Warenhari (Defending warrior)

Warin (Guardian)

Warner (Defending army)

Warren (Loyal)

Warrener (Guardian)

Webber (Weaver)

Weber (Weaver)

Wendale (Traveler: wanderer)

Wendall (Traveler, Wanderer)

Wendel (Wanders)

Wendell (Wanders)

Werner (Defending warrior)

Wes (The west meadow)

Wesley (The west meadow)

Wilbart (Resolute or brilliant)

Wilber (Willful, Bright)

Wilbert (Resolute, Brilliant)

Wilbur (Resolute, Brilliant)

Wilburn (Willful: bright)

Wilburt (Resolute, Brilliant)

Wilford (Desires peace)

Wilfred (Resolute, Peaceful)

Wilfredo (Desires peace)

Wilfrid (Resolute, Peaceful)

Wilhelm (German form of William)

Willamar (Resolute, Famous)

Willaperht (Resolute or brilliant)

Willard (Bold, Resolute)

William (Resolute protector)

Williamon (German form of William)

Williams (Resolute protector)

Willifrid (Resolute or peaceful)

Willimod (Resolute spirit)

Willis (Resolute, Famous)

Willmar (Resolute, Famous)

Willmarr (Resolute or famous)

Wilmar (Resolute or famous)

Wilmer (Resolute, Famous)

Wilmod (Resolute spirit)

Wilmot (Resolute spirit)

Wilpert (Resolute or brilliant)

Wilson (Son of william)

Windell (Traveler: wanderer)

Winfield (Friend of the field)

Wolfgang (Advancing wolf)

Wolfric (Wolf ruler)

Wolfrick (Wolf ruler)

Wolfrik (Wolf ruler)

Wray (Worthy protector)


Yael (One who produces)

Yale (One who produces)

Yohann (Form of johan)


Zelig (The blessed one)