Top 10 Cities in Germany

Places of interest

  1. Neuschwanstein Castle
  2. The Black Forest
  3. Oktoberfest
  4. Brandenburg Gate
  5. Focke-Museum
  6. Residenz Royal Palace
  7. Cologne Cathedral
  8. The Berlin Wall
  9. The Romantic Road
  10. Reichstag building

Top 10 cities

  1. Berlin
  2. Dusseldorf
  3. Munich
  4. Heidelberg
  5. Cologne
  6. Frankfurt
  7. Hamburg
  8. Dresden
  9. Stuttgart
  10. Frankfurt am Main

Top 10 german beers

  1. Bitburger
  2. Paulaner
  3. Einbecker
  4. Berliner
  5. Warsteiner
  6. Weihenstephan
  7. Kolsch
  8. Hopf
  9. Grohe
  10. Kaiserdom

Top Ten Places To Visit In Germany

Author: Jonathan Williams

If you're looking for a place that's rich with remnants of the recent past, then Germany's the place for you. As you may well know, Germany was a key player in the previous world wars. Thus, it filled Germany with monuments to the stories of our grandfathers about times long past but never forgotten.
1.) Berlin Wall

There's no other place in Germany that's more suffused with charged up emotions than the Berlin Wall. You can just imagine the tears and the blood shed over this very wall. This remnant of the wars stands as one of the greatest monuments to democracy known to man - a sign that freedom will always come out victorious.

2.) The Romantic Road

Driving through the Romantic road would be one of the most pleasant drives you'll experience in your whole life. This road is flanked by scenic landscapes on both sides. Occasionally, you'll pass through a picturesque town, a beautiful gothic church, and sometimes, a quaint countryside inn.

3.) Augsburg

Passing through the Romantic Road will lead you to Augsburg, a town founded by the Roman Legions and named after the esteemed Roman emperor, Augustus. This picturesque town contains such historical places as St. Anne's Church, the place where Martin Luther took refuge, and Dom, a very unusual Cathedral. You can also find here the Renaissance Golden Room, a sight that will make you squint with its shine.

4.) Neuschwanstein Castle

Did you know that Walt Disney used a castle found in Germany as his inspiration for the castle of Sleeping Beauty? It's true, those alabaster walls and those high towers and wide parapets were all based on the Neuschwanstein Castle. It is now hailed as one of the most popular tourist spots in Germany.

5.) The Castles of Fussen

Like most of Europe, several castles are littered throughout Germany. It contains the other two of Ludwig's castles, the first one being the Neuschwanstein Castle. This is a must-see for all those families who are traveling through Germany because the place literally looks like it's been torn out of a storybook.

6.) Lake Constance

Lake Constance is both a tourist spot and an essential source of life for the Germans. Several areas in the country rely on this very lake for their drinking water, and this large lake is also a great place to swim and to go bird watching. Indeed, if you're one for beautiful natural sceneries, then Lake Constance is not to be ignored.

7.) The Black Forest

The name looks like it has been taken from one of the fairytales, doesn't it? The Black Forest - it sounds like a place where evil witches reside and cursed trees grow, but don't let that deter you though. If anything, the Black Forest can hardly be related to its name as it's a sunny forest with tall and sturdy firs. It's a great place to go hiking and a great place for picnics.

8.) Cologne

When you hear the word, Cologne, what comes into your mind? A beautiful fragrance, right? Well, meet the town that's called Cologne for a reason, and indeed, the town of Cologne has its own peculiar fragrance that's very pleasing to the nose. Also, there you will find a beautiful view of the River Rhine and the Cologne Cathedral.

9.) Dachau

Take a break from the fairytale castles and mystical forests and go to the place called Dachau. Dachau is a concentration camp - a remnant of Germany's dark past where you can just imagine the horrors that took place in this very spot. However, you will also find there a statue bearing the inscription, "Never Again", a solemn promise of the German people that they will 'never again' commit such unspeakable acts - another true victory for peace.

10.) Oktoberfest

The Oktoberfest - technically, it's not a place, but it's just too good a festival to leave out of any 'top ten list' that concerns tourism and Germany. This fun-filled festival in the town of Bavaria is guaranteed to leave you intoxicated and euphoric. You can spend days on end just drinking authentic German Ale and just letting yourself loose.

About the Author:
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Top universities in Germany

Author: John Paget

The University of Munich is the best university in Germany according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU). The ARWU is published by the Institute of Higher Education at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University and several indicators of academic or research performance are used to establish the ranking, these include highly cited researchers, articles indexed in major citation indices and staff winning Nobel Prizes.

There are twenty-nine German universities in the Word’s Top-500 universities (2008). The Top-5 universities in Germany are: 1. University of Munich (ranked 55th in the world); 2. Technology University of Munich (ranked 57th); 3. University of Heidelberg (67th); 4. University of Gottingen (90th); and 5. University of Freiburg(96th). The University of Munich has been the best university in Germany since 2005.

Compared to other OECD countries, Germany has an average density of top universities: 0.5 universities per 1 million inhabitants in Germany compared to 0.4 for all OECD countries as a whole.

The University of Munich or the Ludwig-Maximillians Universität Münich (LMU) is a public university that was established in 1472 (with a papal concession). It is a large university with 44,405 student (63% female). International students represent 15% of the student population and the University is a member of the German Excellence Universities.

The university is located in the beautiful city of Munich, which is in the south of Germany. It is a city with great museums, a dynamic economy and a high quality of life. For more information about the University of Munich.

About the Author: was founded by John Paget and launched in November 2007. He has been visiting university campuses around the world since the 1980s and wanted to share this information with others. John Paget was brought up in Switzerland where he attended the International School of Geneva and was exposed to the growing demand for international higher education studies. John Paget studied Economics at the London School of Economics and then completed graduate studies in the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

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